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KAC-952 6401017-01


Antenna HF Coupler

Alternate P/N:

KAC-952 6401017-01


Power Amplifier/Coupler unit for use with KHF-950 HF system
Used in conjunction with KTR-953 receiver/exciter & either KCU-951 or KFS-594 controls
Rugged aluminum diecast casing, modular contruction
Models available with explosion proof casing design to meet TSO Explosion Proof requirement of DO-160 (see table below)
Models available with external tuning capability through external capacitor connectors to support KA-161/162 adapters; shunt antenna configuration (see table below)
Models produced that are only compatible with KCU-1051 Control with ALE (Automatic Link Establishment)
May be mounted in unpressurized area to 55,000 feet

Size: 5.75″W x 7.24″H x 14.25″L Weight: 12.5 lbs.
Antenna Coupler Characteristics: Will match open wire antennas, 20 to 75 feet in length and grounded antennas, 10 to 25 feet in length throughout the frequency range. Grounded antennas are recommended for operation above 30,000 feet Temperature Range: -55C to +70C
TSO Compliance: FAA TSO C-31c and C-32c Altitude: to 55,000 feet

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