This is the New Condition Aircraft Parts and Tooling Category where we have everything from Wheels, Brakes & Parts to Tooling for PT6 engines in New Condition.  This means the part or tooling has never been used an straight from the factory, as a result it will have formal certs for traceability from OEM.  We can ship same day and over the counter in AOG events as well as standard shipping on any account.

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These are the condition codes for our Aircraft Parts and Tooling.

New – Factory New
New Surplus = New/unused part purchased as excess inventory.
Overhauled = Overhauled by an FAA repair station.
Yellow Tagged = Comes with a yellow tag showing it was bench checked and certified.
Repaired = Has been repaired to serviceable condition with repair paperwork.
Serviceable = Includes tag or paperwork that says it was removed in working condition.
As Removed = Removed in working condition but has no tag or paperwork.
Core = A part that is NOT in working condition.

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Showing 1–30 of 5668 results