This is the Overhauled  Aircraft Parts and Tooling Category where we have everything from Wheels, Brakes & Parts to Tooling for PT6 engines in As Removed Condition.  These are parts that have been overhauled by a repair station and have documentation.  We can ship same day and over the counter in AOG events as well as standard shipping on any account.

Aircraft Parts and Tooling Iamge
Aircraft Parts and Tooling and Manuals Sales

These are the condition codes for our Aircraft Parts and Tooling.

NE – Factory New
NS – New Surplus = New/unused part purchased as excess inventory.
OH – Overhauled = Overhauled by an FAA repair station.
YT – Yellow Tagged = Comes with a yellow tag showing it was bench checked and certified.
RP – Repaired = Has been repaired to serviceable condition with repair paperwork.
SV – Serviceable = Includes tag or paperwork that says it was removed in working condition.
US – Used = Removed in working condition but has no tag or paperwork.
CO – Core = A part that is NOT in working condition.

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Showing 1–30 of 185 results