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Jack, Tripod 5 Ton Tronair

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Tronair Aircraft Jack 02-0517-0140 for sale

These jacks are Tronair these are all the same type of jack below
02-0517-0140 – our jack’s part number (see Pictures)
02-0517C0140 – new tron air model
The 0517 number means its 05 Tons and the retracted height is 17 inches and 46 fully extended (two stage piston jack) You can jack the mains of a citation 500 series, Lear Jet, Beechjet, Hawker and many other helicopters

Jack, Tripod 5 Ton

Hydraulic Extension: 22 (56) in (cm)
Fully Extended:  46 (117) in (cm)
Closed Height: 17 (43) in (cm)
Mechanical Extension: 7 (18) in (cm)
Capacity: 5 tons  (10,000 LBS)
Weight: 105 (48) lb (kg)
Multi (M) Stage M

Standard Features:
Hand Pump with built-in pressure relief valve
Threaded rams with improved hand wheel style safety nut
Quick rising center extension
Easy access filler/breather cap
Heavy duty wheels on all jacks where spring loaded casters are not standard
Hydraulic fluid: MIL-PRF-5606
3/4 in (2 cm) spherical radius cup jack pad

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