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Lorimer Oxygen Gas Booster


Lorimer Oxygen Gas Booster P/N: 80-395-00

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Lorimer Oxygen Gas Booster Systems provide compact, portable sources for increasing gas pressures. The Gas Booster Systems require no electrical power, providing a safe and economical operation.

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Typical Applications include:

  • Boost low pressure gases to higher pressures
  • Testing Increase and maintain gas pressures for gas bottles
  • Boosting liquid gas vapor of gas generator pressures to bottle pressure

P/N: 80-395-00

This Booster can operate with Shop air from compressor at the same time have it hooked up to Nitrogen Bottle to operate.  There is a valve to switch air sources.
We just filled a plane up with this unit and its very quiet.  
80-395-00 Part Number
The pump is a Maximator DLE-30-01  Goes up to 4600 PSI  with 160 PSI supply 
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Used but works great! Just Ops checked on an Aircraft and performed as advertised new


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